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The Swinging Sixties Exhibition.

Article in the Monmouth Beacon by Chris Were: 11th August 2021.

Crowds flock to Nostalgic exhibition honouring 1960’s.

Hundreds of visitors swung by Whitchurch Memorial Hall to experience a varied exhibition of all things sixties (July 31-August1).

Around 200 people of all ages stopped by earlier to enjoy a taste of history – or nostalgia for some.

Many were surprised by the sheer amount of information and static displays whilst younger visitors loved the little ice cream vendor wind up toy being shown, with one girl screaming at delight at his antics.

1963 Willey’s Jeep loaned by Mr A Louther.

On display at the entrance was an original 1963 Willy’s Jeep lent by Mr A Lowther asand much admired by many.

Mannequins inside showed off a bridal gown,a going away outfit, an Afghan coat andseveral dresses – all originals from the sixties.

Other exhibits included a collection of Kiddicraft miniatures in an old printers tray, items from the railways, jigsaws, a fishing the Wye display and a collection of toys from the decade. Organisers sought out exhibits featuring something for everyone.

One exhibit featured the – at the time – well known Troll Dolls, where a Danish woodworker couldn’t afford to buy a Christmas gift for his daughter so he carved the very first Troll Doll. Friends from neighbouring towns admired this work and the brand expanded from there.

Troll Dolls from the 1960’s can now fetch upwards of £75.

The Whitchurch and Ganarew Local History Society (WAGLHS) are now considering – in conjunction with the hall committee – an event for 2023 when the Memorial Hall will be 100 years old. Early thoughts include a roaring 20s exhibition or a jazz event.

In the spirit of the weekend a 2020 scrapbook was put together in response to a competition that was held over 55 years ago by The Woman’s Institute (WI).The 1965 competition was announced to find the best scrapbook made by the various WI branches.

The Whitchurch and Ganarew History Society discovered their local 1965 scrapbook several years ago, which was handwritten and included cut and pasted pictures.

The 2020 edition is in full colour on glossy pages.

The 2020 edition is on sale for £15 and chronicles the Covid pandemic from a local perspective, as well as many other events of the year so that future generations will have it as a snapshot in time. 

Note from WAGLHS:

There are a few copies left so please buy one of these special editions that chronicle 2020 in our villages, only £15. Email and we will arrange for a copy to be delivered.

Some more photos from the exhibition.

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