By Pat Lewis.

  1. Where and what is Hetty Pegler’s Tump?
  2. It was named in honour of James, brother to Charles the
    2nd of England. Where?
  3. The name comes from the Latin phrase for “unknown
    southern land”. What is it?
  4. Where would you find “Toad Suck”? Arkansas USA,
    Northern Territory Australia, Lima Peru, or “Nice try a made-
    up name”
  5. Which city with historical links to lacemaking in 2015 named
    as England’s official “home of sport”?
  6. Which county has Boggy Bottom in it?
  7. Why is the village of Pity Me in Durham so called?
  8. Where is Bants’ Carn Burial chamber?
  9. What 73-mile-long construction is Carrawburgh part of?
    10.Where are Kit’s and Little Kit’s Coty Houses found?


  1. Hetty Pegler’s Tump is the local name for the Uley Long Barrow which overlooks the Severn Valley.

2. When New Amsterdam was captured by the English it was renamed New York in honour of James’s brother of Charles 2nd and Duke of York.

3. Terra Australis Incognita printed on maps across a region including the south pole without any definite shoreline.

4. Arkansas, USA. Toad Suck is located next to the Arkansas River.

5. Nottingham has historical links to lacemaking and was named “home of sport” in 2015. Torvill and Dean (ice-skaters), Rebecca Adlington (swimmer), Carl Froch (boxer), and Brian Clough (football) are all linked to Nottingham.

6. Boggy Bottom is in Hertfordshire and voted 3rd funniest place name in the country. 1st was Bell End near Lickey End in Worcestershire and 2nd Brown Willy in Cornwall.

7. The village of Pity Me in Durham has made many ponder about its name. No one knows for sure and there are many versions to be found online. All versions seem to involve water and boggy desolate places.

9. Carrawburgh is the name of one of the 16 Roman forts along Hadrians Wall in Northumberland.

10. Found in Kent they are the remains of two megalithic “dolmen” burial chambers. Long barrows such as these were constructed to act as communal burial sites. Set in a field with good views of North Downs and Medway Valley.

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