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February Quiz. Unusual place names in Herefordshire.

  1. Overlooking the Wye, birds in flight stand who sculpted them?

2. Who was born in Dymock in 1637?

3. What did John Somers Cocks, 1st Lord Somers, build between 1810 and 1820?

4. Thomas Winter was born in 1795 at Rudge End. He took on the name of Tom Spring and acquired a title by 1823/4. What was that title?

5. From whom does the village of Woolhope derive its name?

6. The name of the village of Wormelow Tump comes from something that is no longer there, what?

7. Who was Herbert Rouse Armstrong?

8. Where in the county is “The bunch of Carrots”?

9. Where would you find Lord Hereford’s knob and what is it?

10. What is a ducking stool and where can you see a good example in the county?

Questions compiled by Pat Lewis.

Answers next month.

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