Phone Box Renovation and Re-use.

December 14th 2017.

Update June 2018.

There are three old and decommissioned K6 type phone boxes in our parish and two of them have been adopted and now belong to Whitchurch and Ganarew Parish Council. (WAGPC)


Symonds Yat West phone box.
Symonds Yat West phone box.






There are located in Crockers Ash, and Symonds Yat West and their present condition varies.

The History Society originally intended to undertake a general refurbishment of all three starting with the kiosk at Crockers Ash. Our aim was to eventually make them all suitable for public use as information points. They would contain information provided by us about local historical characters, local places of interest and perhaps provide directions for walks both in the immediate area and longer routes connecting to the other phone boxes. They will not be available for public advertising notices or business card display.

It has only very recently transpired (September 2018) that the Great Doward kiosk still belongs to BT but there is a suggestion that it might be sold and transferred to Goodrich PC who no longer own a kiosk in their parish.

Sadly the kiosk on Great Doward can no longer be included in our plans.

Crockers Ash kiosk.

We have cleared excess soil from around the base and installed hard standing in front of the entrance. The kiosk has been thoroughly cleaned and all plastic windows and frames have been replaced with original type glazing and all paintwork cleaned, cut back and repainted with the approved base and top coat paint. Some rotting timber in the lower door frame has been removed, strengthened and made good. The owner of the adjacent property has removed the overhanging trees and replaced the old fence behind and the kiosk now stands proud and clear.

Although this kiosk leans very slightly, is standing firm on its foundations and is safe.

For some reason it seems to have been installed backwards with its windowless side facing the road but we cannot alter this.

Although the electricity supply still exists into the kiosk and is safe under a secure cover, ( This is normal for adopted kiosks) Electricity cannot be used as lighting as it is not going to be necessary.

We have installed  two secure notice boards inside, fixed to the original phone backboard and replaced the original top windows with ‘Information’ windows.

Job done. Now this one is of some use again.

The finished Crockers Ash telephone kiosk is equipped with local information for the use of  visitors and locals alike. There are two notice boards inside, one with a unique and specially revised map of our area depicting local amenities and places of interest whilst the other contains short articles about some local people and places plus some leaflets detailing directions for some specially interesting local walks.

We intend that the Symonds Yat kiosk will be similarly equipped when permission is obtained and hope the work can commence this year.



Crockers Ash kiosk
Crockers Ash kiosk


Crockers Ash kiosk
Crockers Ash kiosk
Crockers Ash kiosk
Crockers Ash kiosk


Peter Hunt.

Updated September 25th October 2018.

Great Doward kiosk.

K6 Gt Doward
The K6 on Great Doward leans considerably.