Hill Fort Walk 1.

Hill Forts Walk.

Short Walk 1.

Start this walk from the riverside public pay car park at at Symonds Yat East.

Take the footpath that leaves the car park behind the Royal Lodge hotel.


The foot path as ends the hill via a Money Tree.


Continue up the path which gets steep in parts where steps are provided.


Continue until you get towards the to. Keep right or you will end up on the road instead of the visitor centre. You are now inside the iron age hill fort.

At the top there are two specracular viewpoints.

This way to Coldwell Rocks viewpoint.

If you walk past the shop towards the top car park you might discern the ditch and ramparts features of the edge of the ancient iron age hill fort but they are now well hidden in the scrub undergrowth.

Return to the hill fort.


Leave the hill fort by the same path you entered it beside the notice post.


Keep left and go back down the hill until you get to a fork in the path. Keep left and this will take a less steep descent following the line of the rock fall retaining fence.


This path joins the main riverside footpath at bottom of the hill.

At this point you can turn right and back to the start in the car park or, alternatively, turn left along the riverside footpath to Biblins suspension foot bridge in about half a mile. Cross over the bridge into Biblins camp site where you can join ‘short walk 2’.

Once on the West bank turn right alongside the river until you are in Symonds Yat West. Here you cross the Wye again on one of two hand ferries. If the river is not in spate  levels are normal both ferries run during the daytime but only one all year round. This one crosses to the Sarecens Head inn and public house where some excellent refreshments can be had.

If you leave the Sarecens Head behind you and walk south a hundred metres or so you will be back to the car park where you started this walk.