Coppett Hill Walk 1.


Thomas Wood and Coppet Hill Walks map.

Take the ‘red’ route on this map.

This walk starts at the Triangle which is on the road from Goodrich to Courtfied.

Normally there is room to park here.

At the back of the Triangle are some steps forming a steep path to the top of Coppett Hill near the trig point.

From here the way takes in all the route and features of Coppett Hill Walk 2 as far as joining the river Wye at Caldwell Rocks.

From Here turn right along the river Wye bank top foot path until reaching Main Oaks Farm on the right at the base of the hillside. Just before Main Oaks there is a style and a footpath that leaves the meadow behind and climbs the hill behind Main Oaks rising gradually and diagonally across the flank of the hill.

Follow this path until it enters the hamlet of Coppett Hill. A narrow road takes you back to the ‘ Triangle’ where you parked.