K6 Crockers Ash.
K6 Crockers Ash. Before any restoration work.
K6 Crockers Ash.
The original door closer on the K6 at Crockers Ash.
K6 Crockers Ash.
K6 Crockers Ash.

December 14th 2017.

There are three old and decommissioned K6 type phone boxes in our parish that now belong to Whitchurch and Ganarew Parish Council.  They are located in Crockers Ash, Great Doward and Symonds Yat West and their present condition varies.

Wags have undertaken and are in the early stages of a general refurbishment of the first kiosk at Crockers Ash. Our aim is to eventually make all three them suitable for public use as information points primarily for visitors. They will be used to provide information about buildings and characters with historic connections and directions for walks both in the immediate area and longer routes connecting to the other phone boxes.

The Parish Council will also be providing leaflets and information.

Phase one. WAGS have obtained some finance to allow us to start work on the first box at Crockers Ash and we have cleared soil from around and foliage from above the box and assessed the work and materials required.  At present inclement weather is preventing us from starting stage two.

This box leans slightly but is standing firm on its foundations. For some reason it seems to have been installed backwards with its windowless side facing the road but we cannot alter this within the funding available.

All replacement parts are still available from a few specialist companies varying from the individual pane of glass to a completely restored kiosk costing in the region of £2,000.00 to £3,000.00 plus transportation and lifting equipment and ground work.

In phase two we will carry out some minor repairs to rotting timber at the bottom of the door and replace all broken and perspex replacement windows with as original new glazing.

Phase three will be to clean down, planned to take place on April 5th, weather permitting, and then to re paint inside and out then repaint it using the approved colours.

All these works are now complete.

Phase four, notice boards will be fixed to the inside and possibly the outside as well.

Replacement of the light fitting. Due to the non availability of the electrical supply, it will not be operational.

Finally the hardstanding will be completed to the front and sides of the box.

Subject to funding being available the kiosk in Symonds Yat will be the subject of similar plans in the future.

The kiosk on Gt Doward has a problem with its foundations and could possibly fall over the eroding bank of soil beside the road. The electricity supply has never been disconnected and the internal light still works. We consider that this kiosk is not sufficiently safe for public use and the parish council has been informed. Regrettably we have no plans to extend our involvement here in the future.


Peter Hunt.

K6 Gt Doward
The K6 on Great Doward leans considerably.

The florescent light in this box still works and is permanently on. Who pays the bill?