K6 Crockers Ash.
K6 Crockers Ash. Before any restoration work.

2019 Projects

There are two old and decommissioned K6 type phone boxes in our parish that now belong to Whitchurch and Ganarew Parish Council.  They are located in Crockers Ash and Symonds Yat West.  (Contrary to previously published information, the telephone box on the Doward, which is in a poor and possibly dangerous state, has not been adopted by the P.C. and still belongs to B.T).

WAGs have undertaken to restore these two telephone boxes and to make both boxes suitable for public use as information points,  for visitors and residents alike as part of a ‘history trail’.   The telephone boxes will be used to provide information about buildings and characters with historic connections and directions for walks both in the immediate area and longer routes connecting to other tourist sites locally.

The first, at Crockers Ash, has now been completed.  It contains a new coloured map of the area, historical information about local characters and a map of paths on the Doward, as well as some walk leaflets.  (Details of your favourite local walks would be appreciated).

In order for work to commence on the Symonds Yat phone box, some work needs to be done to clear obstacles from around it, for safety reasons.  This is currently in the hands of the Parish Council, but as soon as we get their go-ahead, work on this box will commence; however some sponsorship may be required.

2019 – 2020

Crockers Ash telephone box.

Work started inn June when lockdown easing allowed us to get our a bit.

For more information on this please see our page

We also have another major project on the go this year:

In 1965 the Whitchurch & Ganarew Women’s Institute did a project as an entry for a national competition about ‘A Year in the Life of Whitchurch & Ganarew’.  This year WAGs are doing a similar project called ‘A Slice of Life in Whitchurch & Ganarew’ to reflect the social and other changes that have occurred since then.

It is intended to have an exhibition of this work in the autumn of 2020.

We would welcome contributions from anyone who has an interest in this project.