Our project for 2020 has been to devise a ‘scrapbook’ which reflects life in Whitchurch, Ganarew and Symonds Yat as it is today. The inspiration for this was the 1965 scrapbook done by the W.I. Having come across this quite by chance at Herefordshire Archive & Records Centre (HARC) we thought it would be a great piece of social history to document how life is in our villages today, 55 years on, so that perhaps in another 50 years people can look back and reminisce.

The 2020 current scrapbook was done digitally to reflect current technology and the way we all communicate these days. It followed the format of the 1965 version as far as was possible and is a considerable work with many local contributers.

We have initially had 50 copies printed in A4 format and these will be available for sale for £15 each. Please contact Pat Lewis at or call 01600 891326 if you would like a copy.

2019 Projects

There are two old and decommissioned K6 type phone boxes in our parish that now belong to Whitchurch and Ganarew Parish Council.  They are located in Crockers Ash and Symonds Yat West.  (Contrary to previously published information, the telephone box on the Doward, which is in a poor and possibly dangerous state, has not been adopted by the P.C. and still belongs to B.T).

WAGs have now restored these two telephone boxes and made both boxes suitable for public use as information points,  for visitors and residents alike which eventually will be part of a ‘history trail’.   The telephone boxes provide coloured maps of the area, with tourist information together with historial information about buildings and characters with historic connections.  Directions for walks both in the immediate area and longer routes connecting to other tourist sites locally are also available.

K6 Crockers Ash.

K6 Crockers Ash. Before any restoration work.