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Our visit to Kilpeck Church and Dore Abbey.

Kilpeck Church This was a double visit to Kilpeck Church and, after lunch at the Kilpeck Inn, onward to Dore Abbey on October 26th. There were 11 of us plus our guide Penny Platts. It was a lovely way to a day. First, we looked in detail at the church in Kilpeck (about 1hr 30… Continue reading Our visit to Kilpeck Church and Dore Abbey.

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ELIZABETH POSTHUMA GWILLIM.  (Abridged by Hilary Stratford from ‘The Extraordinary Lives of Elizabeth Posthuma Gwillim and John Graves Simcoe’ by Ann Gwillim Parker) Elizabeth Posthuma Gwillim was the daughter of Elizabeth (a widow, her husband having died in 1721). At the time of her birth in September 1762, her mother was living with her grandmother… Continue reading ELIZABETH POSTHUMA GWILLIM From Whitchurch.


Children’s Literature 2.

A Brief History of British Comics. By Sally Yeshin. It can be argued that the antecedents of Comics were the political and social caricaturists such as Hogarth and Cruickshank used pictures to make a point and in some cases to provide humour. However, the first publication that can be described as a comic was Comic… Continue reading Children’s Literature 2.


Over 200 years to grow old and, regretfully, 2 days to take down.

Rotten with honey fungus it had become dangerous so the time had come to remove this great and beautiful old tree. Jeoff Ludlow managed this long and complicated job for the church. It involved tree surveys, arborist survey, bat surveys, health and safety surveys, quotations and more. Harry Trigg and his team at Wye and… Continue reading Over 200 years to grow old and, regretfully, 2 days to take down.