What is this?

Sorting through boxes in your attic may reveal some unusual treasures...Do you know what this is.It was in common use in Victorian times and in the early part of the last century. This is a simple button hook belonging to my Grandmother who was born in 1883 so probably dates to the 1890’s. Buttonhooks like… Continue reading What is this?


Over 200 years to grow old and, regretfully, 2 days to take down.

Rotten with honey fungus it had become dangerous so the time had come to remove this great and beautiful old tree. Jeoff Ludlow managed this long and complicated job for the church. It involved tree surveys, arborist survey, bat surveys, health and safety surveys, quotations and more. Harry Trigg and his team at Wye and… Continue reading Over 200 years to grow old and, regretfully, 2 days to take down.



The tulip tree (Liriodendron Tulipefera) is one of the largest trees native to North America and is the state tree of Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee.  The tree was introduced to this country by John Tradescant the Younger who was gardener to King Charles 1, as was his father.   John travelled to Virginia in 1637,… Continue reading THE TULIP TREE, SAINT DUBRICIUS CHURCH.


The Swinging Sixties Exhibition.

Article in the Monmouth Beacon by Chris Were: 11th August 2021. Crowds flock to Nostalgic exhibition honouring 1960’s. Hundreds of visitors swung by Whitchurch Memorial Hall to experience a varied exhibition of all things sixties (July 31-August1). Around 200 people of all ages stopped by earlier to enjoy a taste of history – or nostalgia for some.… Continue reading The Swinging Sixties Exhibition.


Whitchurch Mile Marker.

Mile Marker as rediscovered by Tom Dudziec in March this year. Restored by WAGLHS. In March Tom Dudziec came across this old mile marker tucked in amongst the weeds on the hillside on the road to Crockers Ash just before B & G Land Rovers old premises. As you can see it had been damaged… Continue reading Whitchurch Mile Marker.

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Ron Williams ghillie, waterman and a local character of Symonds Yat.

Ron Williams. Arthur Ronald Williams, born 25.9.1914, died April 1991 Ross.  Ghillie (for The Royal Hotel)  and Waterman. Married 1956 St. Dubricius to Barbara Mary Beard. Lived at Erwarton, Washings Lane, Symonds Yat West.Liked his beer and whisky, played cribbage, always active and helpful, a good neighbour, friend and story teller. John Blows. _ _… Continue reading Ron Williams ghillie, waterman and a local character of Symonds Yat.

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Attempted murder in Lydbrook.

I know that his is not connected with our parish but it took place almost next door. And it is too good to miss. Jill Evans is a local historian and writer about crime and punishment in Gloucestershire. The link below will take you to one of her excellent stories, and there are several others.… Continue reading Attempted murder in Lydbrook.