Other history groups and some of our local walks.

Links to other groups. Can I suggest that you take a look at other history groups in Herefordshire by visiting the links to 'other groups--' to see what they are getting up to. I've got the links working properly now. The Mortimer Society is particularly interesting and informative. Walks. This is a new venture on… Continue reading Other history groups and some of our local walks.


Romano Whitchurch.

Evidence of Roman life in the parishes of Whitchurch and Ganarew. Whist there is so much evidence of Roman activity and building within a short distance of Whitchurch there is little evidence of an actual Roman settlement within our parishes and there are only 2 records of buildings, or remnants of buildings, with Roman connections… Continue reading Romano Whitchurch.


The Lost City of Trellech.

Once a town of once some 10,000 when the population of London was only 40,000 people and is now what is now just a village, just south of Monmouth and not far from us. Some of our members went to see the Lost City last week. For those of you who missed the opportunity or did… Continue reading The Lost City of Trellech.


Crockers Ash Phone box update. Work comes to a standstill.

K6 telephone kiosk at Crockers Ash. Update July 2018. There are three old and decommissioned K6 type red phone boxes in our parish that now belong to Whitchurch and Ganarew Parish Council. (WAGPC) They are located in Crockers Ash, Great Doward and Symonds Yat West and their present condition varies. The History Society originally offered and… Continue reading Crockers Ash Phone box update. Work comes to a standstill.


Privatisation of Herefordshire’s Libraries.

Dear friends, I just signed the petition "Stop the privatisation of Herefordshire's Libraries, Museums and Archives" and wanted to ask if you could add your name too. If this problem had been better advertised there might be more than 1,337 signatures to date. That looks as if only 1,337 people care. We must do better… Continue reading Privatisation of Herefordshire’s Libraries.


Little Doward Hill Fort.

    I expect that we have all read the short descriptions and tourist brochure type information packets about Little Doward Hill fort  and other local hill forts in general but it is unusual to come across a detailed report and the history of this, one of the largest hill forts in the country. So… Continue reading Little Doward Hill Fort.


The 1,000 + year old White Park Cattle of Little Doward.

Next time you are walking on Little Doward hill and you come across the beautiful, friendly white cattle please be mindful of their special status as one of the rarest of rare breed cattle in the UK with a lineage traceable back a thousand years if not more. There are several types of White Park… Continue reading The 1,000 + year old White Park Cattle of Little Doward.


Follow us.

When opening every page you will see a ‘Follow’ box in the bottom right of the screen. Don’t scroll down or the box will disappear. Click on this box and enter you email address and register to see automatic notification of any new posts or comments as soon as they appear on this web site.… Continue reading Follow us.