Privatisation of Herefordshire’s Libraries.

Dear friends, I just signed the petition "Stop the privatisation of Herefordshire's Libraries, Museums and Archives" and wanted to ask if you could add your name too. If this problem had been better advertised there might be more than 1,337 signatures to date. That looks as if only 1,337 people care. We must do better… Continue reading Privatisation of Herefordshire’s Libraries.


Little Doward Hill Fort.

    I expect that we have all read the short descriptions and tourist brochure type information packets about Little Doward Hill fort  and other local hill forts in general but it is unusual to come across a detailed report and the history of this, one of the largest hill forts in the country. So… Continue reading Little Doward Hill Fort.


The 1,000 + year old White Park Cattle of Little Doward.

Next time you are walking on Little Doward hill and you come across the beautiful, friendly white cattle please be mindful of their special status as one of the rarest of rare breed cattle in the UK with a lineage traceable back a thousand years if not more. There are several types of White Park… Continue reading The 1,000 + year old White Park Cattle of Little Doward.


Follow us.

When opening every page you will see a ‘Follow’ box in the bottom right of the screen. Don’t scroll down or the box will disappear. Click on this box and enter you email address and register to see automatic notification of any new posts or comments as soon as they appear on this web site.… Continue reading Follow us.


“The Mysteries of the Lewstone Estate”

"The Mysteries of the Lewstone Estate" Anybody who has been able to get published will know just how proud and excited I am having this month (March) finally launched my first booklet. Research started in the Spring of 2016 and was completed by the Autumn of 2017 taking eighteen months. It was a steep learning… Continue reading “The Mysteries of the Lewstone Estate”


Historical sights in Whitchurch and Ganarew. This site is quite interesting. It shows on maps, often with a brief description, the position of many of historical sights but sometimes I wonder about the accuracy of the pinpoints, such as a chapel that is shown in Grange Park. Did The Grange have it’s own Chapel? I doubt it. The number of… Continue reading Historical sights in Whitchurch and Ganarew.


At home during WW1.

Throughout WW1 German U boats were taking a terrible toll on allied merchant shipping at a time when 80% of our grain was imported from North America and Canada and 40% of sugar came from abroad plus munitions and machinery. With nearly all young men in the services there was a great shortage of labour… Continue reading At home during WW1.