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Attempted murder in Lydbrook.

I know that his is not connected with our parish but it took place almost next door. And it is too good to miss. Jill Evans is a local historian and writer about crime and punishment in Gloucestershire. The link below will take you to one of her excellent stories, and there are several others.… Continue reading Attempted murder in Lydbrook.

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Garway Heritage Group.

Garway Heritage Group have a series of interesting talks on diverse subjects organised lined up for this autumn, winter and next spring. Presumably these will be held in their new village hall, not the old green building that still features on their website. Admission £5 for non GHG members. See if you are interested in… Continue reading Garway Heritage Group.

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The Three Rs.

Introduction by John Blows. Ron Williams, born about 1930, was my neighbour at "Erwarton" by the Saracen's ferry.  As far as I know he worked all his life at The Royal Hotel, Symonds Yat East which meant crossing the river every day, whatever the weather conditions, in his rowing boat. He was always full of… Continue reading The Three Rs.

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ELIZABETH POSTHUMA GWILLIM.  (Abridged by Hilary Stratford from ‘The Extraordinary Lives of Elizabeth Posthuma Gwillim and John Graves Simcoe’ by Ann Gwillim Parker) Elizabeth Posthuma Gwillim was the daughter of Elizabeth (a widow, her husband having died in 1721). At the time of her birth in September 1762, her mother was living with her grandmother… Continue reading ELIZABETH POSTHUMA GWILLIM From Whitchurch.