A tulip tree flower.

Over 200 years to grow old and, regretfully, 2 days to take down.

Rotten with honey fungus it had become dangerous so the time had come to remove this great and beautiful old tree.

Jeoff Ludlow managed this long and complicated job for the church. It involved tree surveys, arborist survey, bat surveys, health and safety surveys, quotations and more.

Harry Trigg and his team at Wye and Dean Services handled the main contract in a thoroughly professional and efficient way completing the taking down work over a Friday and Saturday working all the time with an ecologist, clearing up as they worked with final tidy up and clearing away on Sunday.

All this great tree taken down and removed without any damage to a single tomb stone and hardly a mark in the grass and or sawdust to see afterwards.

Many thanks to Jeffrey Ludlow for the photographs and information.

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