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Sunday, May the 28th at 11 AM.

This museum is not so well known and yet it is eminently worthy of a visit by anyone interested in discovering where Hereford’s first pumped drinking water came from and seeing the original old machinery that made it possible. There are also exhibits from some other smaller waterworks in the county. It is easy to get to and does not involve driving through Hereford town centre.

Occasionally they have ‘steam days’, on Sundays, when much of the equipment can be seen working from close up. This is far more interesting than seeing static exhibits and the staff operating the equipment will be on hand and only too willing to answer questions and tell some tales about their prized machinery.

The standard entry fees will apply. Adults £9.00, Seniors £8.00. Pay the museum on entry.

There is a cafe area for snacks and drinks on site. Free parking is available nearby although this is limited and can become full during peak times so car sharing might prove to be a good idea.

Will anyone who is interested in coming along on Sunday, May 28th, please contact me so that I can advise the manager how many of us to expect.

Peter Hunt.,

Pictures, courtesy of Hereford Waterworks Museum.


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