Local walks.

You can display your favourite local walk here.

We are so lucky in having some excellent walking country in our parish particularly on the Doward Hills and beside the river Wye where there is so much natural and man made history if you know where to find it. Even in the busiest days you can get away from the more popular parts and rarely see another person. There are some public footpaths away from the popular areas if that’s what you like. And they can all can change with the seasons bringing new vistas and pleasures.

But it doesn’t have to be on the Doward. It doesn’t have to be in our parish. Just nearby.

If you have a favourite walk, or more than one, we would be delighted to give it a page here so that others can experience it as well so please contact me via this website using the “contact us” facility.

Little Doward walk 1.

Doward Hill Fort Walk 2.

Thomas Wood Walk.