Mystery Cottage in Wye View lane.

I have passed this ruined cottage many times without knowing it is there because it is only in the winter, without any leaves on the trees, that it can be seen from the lane. Today I took a closer look.

Judging by the perimeter fences of neighbouring property this old house seems to be on its own fair plot of land although I suppose somebody must still own it.

Does anybody know anything about it and who lived there?

It appears to have had at least two rooms downstairs although only a few stones tell where the largest room was. The smaller room is the only one recogniseable as a room. It has three walls, one entrance from outside and no interior joining door, one fireplace downstairs and one up, but no stairway is visible so this might have been a washing  room or scullery.  Outside there are piles of stones suggesting out houses, a netty plus the remains of an old cement lined water tank with the old cast iron downpipe still there that one collected water from the long gone roof tiled roof.

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