The Lost City of Trellech.

Once a town of once some 10,000 when the population of London was only 40,000 people and is now what is now just a village, just south of Monmouth and not far from us.

Some of our members went to see the Lost City last week. For those of you who missed the opportunity or did not know if it would be sufficiently interesting, please be assured that it is well worth a visit. The site is open for visitors all this week 9 till 4 pm weekdays so please don’t miss out on this revelation into our lost past.

PS. If you go on Friday the Trellech WI put on a first class tea coffee and home made cakes around mid day in the Babington Centre, (the old school with limited parking) opposite the church.

Something else not to miss out on.

Welcome to The Babington Centre… Trellech’s Village Hall


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