Little Doward.

It would appear that the white park cattle have been removed from the hill fort and adjacent area where they have been for several years.  Some how it will not be the same without them. It was said that these cattle were damaging parts of the hills ancient fortifications but I wonder what is going to prevent the open area being taken over by scrub. It was machine mowed in late summer this year but this can be somewhat indescriminate in cutting scrub, weeds as well as flowering plants that we might want to preserve. During spring time and early summer this open limestone grassland is a brilliant place to find unusual wild flowers and insects including butterflies.

Parasol mushrooms.
Parasol mushrooms.
Naked autumn crocus.
Naked autumn crocus. It loses its leaves before it flowers in September / October.


The car park for Little Doward, beside the Crockers Ash to Ganarew road, is the subject of planning permission for expansion. This will be welcome at week ends when it can be difficult to park.


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