The old Wye Rapids Hotel.

Wye Rapids Cottages 2
Wye Rapid’s Cottages

Wye Rapids Cottages.

Wye Rapid’s Cottages.


Whye Rapid’s Hotel as it was, with Gerald’s old house behind.

I cannot find out when it was built or when it was replaced with the cottages. or holiday homes.

Still there in 1973,

1 thought on “The old Wye Rapids Hotel.”

  1. Wye Rapids Hotel was owned by a relative of mine Rachel Haslem Buckea. I I was a founding member of the English Bicknor local history group and co-chair until last year due to Covid.
    Eric Warden-Heggie,MA(Dist)Historical Research; MA(Ed); DipEd; CertEd
    0757 6984068


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