Tourism on the Wye exhibition.

Symonds Yat:  200 Years of Tourism on the Wye’ (1770-1970) 

Monday 12th August – Friday 18th October.

This exhibition will be held at Hereford Archive & Record centre, Fir Tree Lane, Rotherwas, Nr. Hereford

This exhibition was transferred to Hereford Archive & Records Centre, Fir Tree Lane, Rotherwas from 12th August – late October and is now on display in at Ross library in a reduced form.

Sponsored by WAG LHS and executed by members Gerald Gardiner, Gail Ferrigan & Rachel Clark, a series of postcards, photos and prints will be displayed.  Come and find out about this fascinating subject. 

We also had some exhibits in an exhibition at Ross Library of ‘150 years of the Ross Gazette’, which ran until 6th July.

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