Romans in South West Herefordshire.

The Romans in S.W. Herefordshire.

Author Paul Stratford.


  1. Time line.


43  Plautius invades Britain and establishes a Governorship


52 – 57 Gallus holds back the ‘Welsh’


57 – 61 Paulinus destroys Druids in Anglesey


74 – 78 Frantinus is Governor and conquers Silures in Wales


78 – 84 Agricola Governor – finishes off Welsh war


96 – 98 Nerva – Gloucester founded as a colony (or maybe Domitian did)


367       Barberians over run


383      Maximus proclaimed emperor in Britain – invades Gaul


407      Constantine 111 emperor – takes more troops to Gaul


449      Anglo-Saxon invasion begins


402      Importation of Roman currency ends.   May have led to the end of Roman             Britain. ( No money to pay troops)   OR may have been concentration on             Roman core which led to led to Britain being abandoned.

Western Britain may have remained a Romano-British area.


Adapted from Roman Britain  A new History  Guy de la Beydoyere


  1. Pieces of Romano British Severn ware and bloomery slag have been found

On the Doward hill fort.      Deanweb  Fod Local History society


  1. No evidence of Roman presence per se, but Romano-British material in several  caves; iron slag and a Roman signal mound within the hillfort.  Also the suggestion of a villa in the Whitchurch-Ganarew area.   Hypocaust system, pavement and wall have all been found


The evidence for a villa at Sellarsbrook is strong, but this would have required a substantial hinterland of lower level dwellings and buildings, and there is a report of evidence of dwellings at Ganarew, which would complete the picture.


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